About C2E

The portal Closer 2 Earth was started by a group of people with a desire to focus on the importance of the relationship between the topics aid work, environment and animal protection. The purpose of the portal is to encourage people to discuss, provoke or show their participation, commitment and curiosity about the issues with the aim of making people feel a little closer to earth.
The portal is divided into two parts, namely earth projects, and the earth community.

C2E Projects

The part of the portal which addresses the Earth Projects are divided into aid work, environmental and animal protection. C2E projects is a great place for members to post articles about these topics. The aim is to encourage members of the earth community to discuss these topics posted in this section. Furthermore, C2E are now inviting organizations to promote their projects, and make awareness about them in the community which in turn can increase the numbers of donations. Members of C2E have full access to discuss and debate about the projects in the earth community.

C2E Community

C2E community consists of a chat feature, blogs, forums and albums for all members and organizations. Organizations can create their own profile and promote the work they are doing. The portal can and should be used by C2E’s members to be the first choice for debate and discussion about the earth projects. This community is the only community available where members can collectively discuss these topics within one portal. Try it, it is huge already and we’re constantly striving to improve.

Our vision

The company is in its startup face and is supported by people who are dedicated to the issue of making the earth a better place for everyone and everything. We encourage everyone to join who shares the same thoughts and have the urge to discuss these very important topics. We are also trying to find two types of partners, some of which have already shown great interest to cooperate with us. Both financial and charitable organizations within aid work, animal protection and environmental protection will be contacted by us to promote the portal. Our goal is to get these organizations and members of his main platform to discuss and promote these issues.
Some improvements in the portal, we are considering to do is to keep all facilities (earth projects and the earth community), but to integrate these sections into one page. Furthermore, we are working on an alternative where members can donate to charitable organizations directly via the portal. Here, the members of the portal could also discuss and make awareness of other organizations, their projects and discuss the reasons for their donations to these organization. The idea is to promote as well as invite members to submit suggestions for good causes to donate to, and why.

We want to be a charity community, and more. We welcome you to create a profile to discuss, provoke or to show your participation, commitment, curiosity, and perhaps help people feel a little closer to earth.

We hope to see you and talk with you and your friends on


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